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Sunday, 8 January 2017

Super Bowl LI 2017: Updated Odds and Predictions for NFL Championship Game

Super Bowl 2017 is all set to roll out this year. The event witnesses’ high viewership rates every year.

Let's take a look at the odds, the contenders and the pretenders before the big game. The list includes New England Patriots, Pittsburgh Steelers followed by Kansas City Chiefs and Houston Texans.

Who are the favourites for Super Bowl 2017?

The New England Patriots continue to be a massive favourite in the Super Bowl.

The New England Steelers have an easy path to the Championship Game; they look to take on a team in divisional round who has struggled at the helm. Unless the Dolphins beat Pittsburgh, following the comeback of Ryan Tannehill after a knee injury.The Patriots have lost only two games during the previous year.  A 16-0 loss to Buffalo and a tough 31-24 loss to Seattle.

Otherwise, the Patriots have been sailing on smoothly with being winners of 11 of their 12 games. It's not difficult to see what makes them the favourites.

Super Bowl 51 Odds

Super Bowl LI Odds
New England Patriots (14-2)6-4
Pittsburgh Steelers (11-5)17-2
Kansas City Chiefs (12-4)10-1
Houston Texans (9-7)80-1
Oakland Raiders (12-4)100-1
Miami Dolphins (10-6)100-1
Dallas Cowboys (13-3)19-4
Green Bay Packers (10-6)15-2
Atlanta Falcons (11-5)8-1
New York Giants (11-5)10-1
Seattle Seahawks (10-5-1)12-1
Detroit Lions (9-7)80-1

The Contenders of Super Bowl 2017

There are seven teams which have a chance to prevent the Patriots from winning this year's Super Bowl.

Kansas City and Pittsburgh pose the biggest threats. The Pittsburgh team has an explosive offence, so a shootout with New England team is possible. 

Le'Veon Bell came in fifth in the NFL by rushing in yards, though he missed out of three games and Antonio Brown was tied down for second in receiving the touchdowns.Kansas City has an offensive player, Tyreek Hill) and defensive player Erick Berry who can change the potential losses to wins with their momentous gameplay.

National Football Conference (NFC) playoff picture is fully loaded this year with the Cowboys a slight favourite with Atlanta, New York and Seattle right behind them.Dallas and Atlanta have a dynamic offence which could also lead them to victory, with winning quarterbacks like Aaron Rodgers and Russell Wilson and Eli Manning who know how to get stuff done.

The Pretenders of Super Bowl 2017

Oakland and Houston have major quarterback issues. It is also difficult for the Fins taking down on Pittsburgh, New England and another team. The Kansas City has dynamic playmakers, but it seems like things are just going away this year. However, the potential to defeat Pittsburgh and New England is tough.

The call for NFC is too close, given even the slightest edge to Dallas for playing on the home ground during the playoffs. However, no team outside Detroit would be a surprise. This makes it tough to take the postseason inexperience of Dallas over the Super Bowl veterans i.e. New England.

The Lions and Matthew Stafford have cornered the market on fourth-quarter comebacks in this season with the total of eight total. They, however, seem to be stumbling into the playoffs after losing three straight.

The Prediction for Super Bowl 2017

It's New England all the way, the Pats also have options along with their offence and defence to match up.The offence of Pittsburgh's is stout, but it has proved inconsistent this season.

Super Bowl LI Prediction: New England 31, Dallas 17


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