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Saturday, 7 January 2017

How to Buy the Cheapest Super Bowl 51 Tickets | A NFL 2017 Guide

Well, it's the Super Bowl silly! It is the goal of every seasoned football player and the dream of every football fan. Super Bowl is originally a league versus league game, i.e., between the American Football and National Football League (NFL). As both the leagues combined under NFL, they became conferences with Super Bowl becoming a championship game. 

It is not just a football game; it has become culturally imbibed in the people. Super Bowl is one of the biggest unofficial holidays in the United States.

Not only you'll get to see the best football teams battle it out for NFL's highest honor, but you'll also see some dazzling performers like Lady Gaga during the Pepsi halftime show. Previously Justin Timberlake, Janet Jackson, Katy Perry, Bruce Springsteen-like superstars have performed at the Super Bowl.

The list of Super Bowl 51 teams include:

  • Dallas Cowboys
  • New England Patriots
  • Green Bay Packers
  • Seattle Seahawks
  • Houston Texans
  • New York Giants
  • Detroit Lions
  • Oakland Raiders
  • Kansas City Chiefs
  • Miami Dolphins
  • Atlanta Falcons
  • Pittsburgh Steelers
  • NFL Playoffs
  • NFC Playoffs
  • AFC Playoffs
  • NFC Championship
  • NFL Pro Bowl
  • Arizona Cardinals
  • New Orleans Saints
  • Los Angeles Rams

Super Bowl 2017 tickets sell out quickly, so better get your hands before they are all gone. Get your tickets for a once in a lifetime experience.

The Super Bowl tickets vary year over year, generally increasing every season. The face value of Super Bowl 50 tickets ranged between $800-$2500. So expect the range of value to climb from $900 to $2,700 range.

How to get Super Bowl 2017 tickets at face value?

If you are a National Football League (NFL) season ticket holder, you automatically enter a lottery and thereby have a chance of winning the Super Bowl tickets easily at face value. If you win the lottery, you can get to pick the Super Bowl tickets during the game day.

Super Bowl 2017 tickets are available from the NFL's location service, which is similar to a ticket brokerage extension of NFL.

Tips to buy cheap Super Bowl Tickets

One of the best ways to get cheap Super Bowl 2017 tickets is by trying to buying them in resale or secondary ticket industry.

The Super Bowl tickets have numerous safety features in them like thermal ink and hologram technology making it difficult for anyone to duplicate. Now with that said, you can easily look to the secondary market for buying Super Bowl 2017 tickets.  

Try out prices across sites, but it is best to find a deal with a company which answers and communicates with about any questions in your mind.

The things to consider while buying a Super Bowl ticket include:

Time of buying tickets–Super Bowl tickets tend to become cheaper as the game approaches the zone where you look to buy–Find out about the seating, look out for a zone and not the seat number itself.

The place where you are buying the tickets–Monitor the ticket prices, site like TickPick help you find out the ticket prices online

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